Moreno Valley is a small, family-oriented town nestled in a pristine valley in California. The area is best known as the home of March Air Reserve Base and it is part of the San Bernardino-Riverside Metro Area. While it is technically considered part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, it is a moderately young city with friendly faces and a variety of planned housing communities offering a slower-paced lifestyle just a short drive from all the big-city amenities of L.A. The housing market is considered to be “warm,” according to Zillow’s home value index, and the average value of a home in Moreno Valley saw more than 6% growth over the past year. If you and your family are looking for your next house or you would like to sell your current home, your first step will be to find realtors® in Moreno Valley. The tips below will help you find a truly phenomenal realtor®!


Save Time with Technology

Many people make the mistake of simply searching on a generic phrase such as “best realtors® near me.” This will bombard you with a high volume of ads and a number of websites that may look great but won’t necessarily provide you with any real data about a particular agent’s performance and success metrics. You can hop over to Effective Agents’ website to take advantage of the platform’s data-based algorithm that will generate a list of the best performing realtors® based solely on their performance statistics. This cuts out the unnecessary legwork and hassle of calling multiple agents. You can choose to have these tops realtors® contact you to try to earn your business, rather than chase them down.


Ask Some Tough Questions Up Front

Many people worry about making a positive first impression when they take an initial meeting with a realtors®. However, don’t forget that you are essentially hiring someone who will help you navigate one of the largest financial transactions (buying or selling) that you will make within your lifetime. If you want to make sure an agent will really work hard to meet your real estate needs, come prepared with a list of tough questions. Ask specific questions like how many homes they have worked with buyers to close on in the past year. For a sellers’ agent, ask them questions about what past clients listed their homes for initially and how much they ended up receiving when the final offer was completed. A great agent will be transparent and will take the time to answer your questions.


Ask for References

Finally, ask a potential agent to provide you with a few references from past clients. A great agent will likely have these on hand and will be happy to provide them to you. While you may not be able to speak to past clients directly, testimonials can help you to better understand the agent’s work ethic and the level of satisfied past clients, felt after they were finished working with that particular real estate agent.


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Photo courtesy of Pixabay