When you're selling your home, you have a lot on your mind. One thing you probably don't think about, however, is the time of year. Surprisingly, though, the time of year in which you're attempting to sell your home can actually impact how smoothly the sale will go. In fact, it can even impact how much you earn from the sale! When selling a home in Irvine, California use these tips to help you sell quickly and for the highest price.


When it comes to housing in Irvine and in California in general, summer is one of the best times to sell your home. In fact, reports show that May is a very profitable time to sell your home in the state, which sellers averaging a 5.9% premium.  So, you may be wondering what makes May such a great month to sell a home. Well, one factor is the weather. Sure, it's warm because it's California, but it's not oppressively warm yet, which makes the area seem more appealing to buyers. Plus, no one wants to go around looking at houses when it's positively scorching outside. Other key reasons that May is a prime selling month include: Many people have more access to money due to tax refunds, homes look better when surrounded by flowers and sunshine, and school is just getting out, so people have more flexible schedules for viewing, etc.

For all of these reasons, May and summer, in general, is a wonderful time to start seriously working toward selling your home.


While housing in Irvine proves a profitable market in the summer, don't panic if you can't sell your home during that season. The fall months also provide a great window of opportunity. The weather is decently cool for California in the fall months, so many people are comfortable shopping around during this time. Plus, in the early fall, it's just before school gears up for the year, and a lot of people want to get settled and into a school system before it's time to register.  In fact, since so many things begin in the fall, including the start of the holidays, people are often eager to get into a home quickly, which can increase your chances of selling during these months.


While there are definitely some good times of year to sell a home, there are also some bad ones. Unfortunately, the winter months, like January, tend to be the worst. Even though it's still somewhat warm in California, many people have "holiday hangover." There's that post-holiday slump where they don't feel like doing much of anything, let alone buying a home. And, since a lot of people know the market is slow during the winter months, they will often offer you less than you deserve for your home. Add all this to the fact that the days are shorter, and January just ends up being an all-around awful time to sell a home.

Of course, if you find yourself selling your home in January or any other undesirable month, don't panic. As long as you have a qualified, effective real estate agent on your side, you can easily sell your home and garner a profit, no matter what the month.


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