Located in California’s prestigious Orange County, Fullerton is renowned for its exceptional quality of life that residents enjoy. This well-blended city offers a variety of culture, culinary scenes, educational opportunities, and economic environments. The city is also known for its thriving historic preservation efforts. Year-round warm weather, an array of outdoor recreation opportunities and a friendly community culture make living in Fullerton very desirable. 

According to Zillow’s home value index, the average home in Fullerton sells for about $648,000, spending a little over two months on market. If you are selling your Fullerton house, you’ll want to take some steps to help your house earn the best offer by standing out from the other houses on the market. One of the most efficient, affordable ways to increase your home’s value and encourage buyers to make an offer is to stage your home. Below are some expert tips to stage your home like a professional.

Stage Top-Tier Rooms First
The rooms in your house with the most importance should be your first priority when it comes to staging. These rooms typically include the house’s master bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and entryway. These are the rooms that make the maximum impact on potential buyers when they tour your home. 

Ask your REALTOR for Specific Staging Tips
Your agent should be with you every step of the way in the process of selling your home for a great price. Part of your agent’s job should be to walk through your house and utilize their professional expertise to tell you what rooms or portions of rooms should be staged properly. If you haven’t chosen a professional realtor yet, consider Effective Agents, who can help match you to the top producing Realtors® in Fullerton.   

Boost Curb Appeal
When staging your home, don’t forget how important your home’s exterior is to buyers. The front of your home is the first thing that buyers and their agents will see when they pull up to your house or find your home in an online listing. Your exterior should be pristinely staged. This means hiring a professional landscaper to do your lawn, shrubs, flower beds, and trim any over-extended trees. You should make sure that your house’s exterior and driveway are pressure washed. You also want to add some nice accent touches like an elegant porch light or a fresh coat of paint on the front door.

Clear Away Clutter
One of the biggest “pain points” for prospective buyers is clutter throughout the home. Clutter needs to go. Buyers are looking for clean surfaces, open rooms, and tidy closets. All of these things actually make your home look bigger and make it easier for buyers to imagine your home as their new residence. Additionally, getting rid of clutter also means depersonalizing your house, including removing over-stylized décor, wall colors or personal items. While these things may be your style, they may not be the style of buyers. You can even rent a small storage unit to house items for a modest cost while your home is on the market.

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