Selling a home is a long, challenging process. Some people wrongly assume that selling a home is easy. Even in a robust real estate market, it's vital for homeowners to prepare their property to sell quickly.

One of the best ways to sell a home fast is to list the house at the right time of the year. There are multiple times of the year that are likely to have numerous buyers looking for homes. By listing a home during peak times, a homeowner is much more likely to have a great selling experience.

Local Data

Housing in Riverside has appreciated rapidly since 2011. Over the past decade, the average value of a home has risen from $200,000 to $280,000. There's a quality school district that attracts many young families to Riverside. As a result, there's a constant supply of interested buyers.

The average home listed in Riverside has a contract on it within two months. However, some homes receive multiple offers after being on the market less than a week. Homeowners who spend a lot of time and money preparing their house to sell are likely to sell their property quickly.


March is one of the best months to list a home in Riverside for various reasons. Not only is the weather beautiful, but many buyers don't start looking for homes until after it gets warm. Many of the top real estate agents in Riverside recommend listing a house in March. Some of the best-performing realtorsĀ® in Riverside have had a ton of success with this strategy.


August is another excellent month to sell a home in. Many parents want to purchase a home before August due to school starting in September. These buyers will feel an urgency to make a compelling offer to secure a home.

Sellers can maximize their profits from selling a house in several ways. Sellers can offer an option to close quickly if the buyers are willing to pay extra money. Some people are so excited to live in Riverside that the buyers will pay several thousand dollars to expedite the closing process. This extra money can help the sellers pay for moving costs.Ā 

Bad Months

Any months that have cold weather are bad times to sell a home. Many buyers prefer to look for homes when the weather is nice. Buyers won't be able to view all of the benefits a home offers when it's cold. It's also difficult for buyers to assess the strength of the air conditioning in a property when it's not in use.

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