According to Zillow the optimum time of year to list a house is in the spring, specifically the first two weeks in May. Selling in the spring has some obvious advantages for those living in areas of the country that are seasonal. Where the climate is temperate nearly year round however, there can be advantages to selling no matter what the season. Even in Orange, California optimizing what time of the year you sell your home can get you the most money out of your sale.

The Spring Advantage
Buyers with kids like to move when school is out. Purchasing a house in the spring means they can move in during the summer and have time to unpack before school starts. Most properties look their best in the spring. The grass is green. The flowers are budding and blooming. 

People are getting out and about after hibernating all winter long. Their tax refund money is in their pockets or on the way. May and June are two months that see spikes in the number of jobs being advertised. The downside to selling this time of the year is the competition you face from all the other sellers trying to take advantage of the peak selling season.

The Summer Advantage
A lot of the advantages of selling in the spring spill over into the summer months. School-age kids are on summer break. Moving into a new house during this time makes the transition to a new school smoother and less stressful for the whole family. Early in the summer foliage is still blooming and attractive. 

Workloads decrease during the summer in a lot of industries. That means buyers have more time to look than they did at the first of the year. The downside to selling in the summer is the traveling many people do during this time. This factor may decrease the foot traffic you have.

The Fall Advantage
One of the biggest advantages of selling in the fall is the lack of competition. You might be able to command a higher price because of that. You have the advantage of buyers who need to get into a house as soon as possible. 

Buyers without children don’t have the same school year issues as those with kids. Many retirees have the option to buy when and where they please. On the flip side, those buyers with kids in school have probably already made their purchase decisions.

The Winter Advantage
Winter is traditionally the worst time of year to sell real estate. There again, you won’t have much competition. House hunters looking in the winter often have time constraints and will pay more than they would otherwise.

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